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January 18, 2012

Building Your Best Home

For many people designing and building a new house is very exciting, but can also be very overwhelming. We understand the countless questions going through your mind like:

“Where do I start?”
“How do we turn all of our ideas and needs into our dream house?”
“How do I maintain control over a process with which I have no experience?”
“What do I need to watch out for?”
“How do I make my dream house special and unique and not just another house?“

At Manuel Builders, we would like to help you make this experience a gratifying and exciting one. Our main goal is to custom-fit you in a home that can be personalized and unique to you. We want to assist you with even those intangible things that will truly give you the feeling of being “home.” We will present you with questions and ideas that will open your eyes to things that will not only improve the design, but also help you understand the space and your needs for that space. We will guide you with questions to ask yourself and issues to consider that will help you make better choices for your home. When all of these things come together you will have the home that is a perfect fit for you and your family!

Putting your home together does not have to be daunting task; we are a team of professionals here to assist you and guide you every step of the way. Putting together ideas and concepts for your perfect home is a lot like cooking, which we in Acadiana are very familiar with! Just as ingredients come together to make different dishes, putting together all the elements of your home should be done in a particular way to satisfy your taste.

There are many options for designs; you may choose an existing design or create your own with the help of our design team. We will work with you and guide you to imagine the way you would live in the home. We will guide you to think about how you will use each room while looking at the plans and sketches and try our best to help you imagine yourself living in the spaces that are only on paper. Ask the questions:

“What will make this place charming and easy to live in?”
“Where will I store all of my things?”
“What do I need to plug in when I am in this room?”

There are great ways for you to get started now! Begin pulling images and ideas out of magazines – from paint colors you love to kitchen islands that draw your attention – whatever you see that you like, pull it out and begin a binder separated by room or item or finish. It is a great tool to bring in to give us a feel for what will make your house you!

Most of all, the team at Manuel Builders wants you to have fun, relax and let your creative side flow – we will be here with you throughout the process!