Build On Your Land

Whether it is "On your lot" or in one of Communities, We understand the countless questions going through your mind like: Where do I start? How do we turn all of our ideas and needs into our dream house? How do I maintain control over a process with which I have no experience? What do I need to watch out for? How do I make my dream house special and unique and not just another house?

We at Manuel Builders would like to help you in making this experience a gratifying and exciting one.

1First Consultation and Bidding

2Purchase Agreement

3First Draft Blueprints

4Construction Pre-appraisal

5Plan Review, Contracts, and Selections Preview

6Site Evaluation

7Second Draft Blueprints

8Construction Loan

9Selections Consultation

10Job Review (in-house final review)

11Building Permit and Order Final Blueprints

12Sign Final Blueprints and Selections