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The Game is on Sunday and We’re Coming Over!

Categories: Lifestyle | Posted: September 27, 2016


Fall is here and you know what that means in South Louisiana: Football and tailgating season is upon us!  Now is the time to start getting ready to show off your beautiful home by hosting a tailgate and getting your friends to cheer on your favorite team.  We compiled a list of simple ideas and reminders that are sure to make your party stand out and be remembered as the tailgate of the season!

Keep It Simple

No need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to simple tailgate snacks.  Pick up easy items, such as marinated olives or unique vegetables, and dress them up on nice platters.  Another option is to stop by your local baker and order themed cookies and cupcakes served on a tiered tray.  While shockingly simple, these tasty treats will surely impress and add interest to your serving table!

Presentation is Key

Anyone can put trays of food out on a table and call it a day.  But the best tailgating experiences have memorable presentations.  Add table accents, such as footballs, pom-poms, and team memorabilia!  Make a mobile cooler by adding ice to a wheel-barrow!  Have a basket of team-related koozies!  Little things like these can turn your one-day party to an experience talked about all season long!

Game Day is Game Day

The players on the field aren’t the only ones that can have an awesome game day!  Spend some time before the game having a friendly competition with your guests.  Get some corn-hole boards, horse-shoes, or ring-toss bottles!  Winner gets dibs on the best seats for the game.

What’s Your Signature?

The last thing you will want to think about is how you will stamp your own personal touch to this party.  What do you want your guests to remember?  Do you have a rockin’ signature dish that party-goers will be craving for weeks?  Do you have awesome party favors that are the perfect mementos to bring home?  Do you have a home-made game that your friends will get into as much as the actual game?  Whatever it is, make it unique and make it you!

Have a safe and fun tailgating season and enjoy some time with your friends!