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5 Tips for the First Time Holiday Host

Categories: Lifestyle | Posted: December 20, 2016


What better way to break in your brand new Manuel Builders home than by inviting your friends and family over to celebrate the season with a wonderful holiday meal?  Now, we know what is going through your head right, but there is no need to panic!  We have five simple tips to keep in mind that will make your first Christmas host experience go off without a hitch.


Don’t Attempt to Fly Solo

Every big holiday meal is a group effort and the best ones have multiple people contributing to the success of the event.  So maximize your resources and delegate!  As the host, you will want to take care of the turkey and gravy or whatever your main course may be, but appetizers, sides, and beverages can be brought by others. When everyone pitches in, it takes stress off of you and gives you more time to focus on what’s really important.

Begin Your Food Prep Early

While you may think that the best holiday meal is one that is made fresh the day of, there is something to be said for starting a couple of days in advance.  Items like casseroles, cranberry sauce, and pies can be made a couple of days in advance and still taste amazing on Christmas Day.  In fact, it may even be a good idea to cook the turkey the day before as well!  No one will tell the difference, we promise. By taking these early preparation steps, you will really cut down on your stress.


Begin Your Non-Food Prep Early Too

Not only can you get some of the food out the way early, but there are other details that can be done in advance so you won’t have to worry about them on the day of the event.  Table cloths can be ironed, china can be washed, and extra supplies can be bought.  You will want to do this early so you can focus on the food closer to the big day. Don’t forget about the fun too! Fill your home with festivity by adding those staple decorations like a wreath, garland, bows, tinsel, lights, candles and more.

Master To-Do List

Be organized and start early!  Write down all the tasks that need to be accomplished and set aside times to do them.  Crossing things off the list will give you a huge sense of satisfaction and you will feel less stressed if you can see tasks being accomplished.

Have Fun with It

We completely understand that hosting Christmas lunch or dinner can be quite the undertaking and can stress the host out.  But remember that the holidays are meant to be enjoyed with those you love.  Put some music on, grab a tiny helper, and have a little fun!



Why is my sheetrock cracking?

Categories: FAQs, Warranty | Posted: December 14, 2016

As you settle into your brand new home, the walls around you will be settling too. You may begin to see thin cracks form on your walls and above door frames. Rest assured that these changes are completely normal in a new build.

Sheetrock cracks are caused by the expansion and contraction of a new home. When lumber is delivered, it needs to acclimate to the temperature of your home. Nail pops and sheetrock cracks will appear as your home is settling.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Manuel Builders home, please call our office to speak to one of our Service Team Members. 337-981-5315


How to Prepare for the First Freeze in Louisiana

Categories: Home Safety | Posted: December 8, 2016


Here in the south, our winter season is quite different from northern states where there are blizzards and a lot of snow. The southern states might get an inch or two of snow every now and then, or maybe freezing temperatures, but we do not have to stock up on groceries every winter!  It is still very important to know helpful tips to prepare you and your household if there might be a cold front or a chance of snow in the upcoming winter months!


Check on your heater

It is very important before the winter months to get your heater checked before use.  Inspection of your heater system can ensure that it is clean, in good condition, and does not leak carbon monoxide.  For you as the homeowner, this means assurance that the heater system is in tip-top shape and savings on your energy bill.


Make sure there is no damage to your roof

Take notice of any damages, such as loose or missing shingles, that would compromise the insulation of your house.  Not replacing or repairing them can lead to higher energy bills and openings for little critters to get into your warm home.


Turn off outside faucets and hoses

Water in pipes can freeze if left on during the winter months.  If you do not own frost-proof faucets, begin to disconnect your hoses and cover the faucet with an insulated covering.


Seal exterior windows and doors

Inspect your windows and doors for any drafts or openings before the winter season arrives.  Use weather-stripping for your doors and use caulk to seal your windows.  The benefit for sealing crevices is to maximize on energy savings by preventing cold drafts that might come in.


Cover or protect outdoor potted plants

Don’t lose your potted plants to an overnight freeze!  If you have the space, bring the plants into a garage or outdoor shop where they can be removed from outdoor freezing temperatures.  If they cannot be moved, cover them so the freezing winds combined with the humidity do not cut the lifespan of the plant short.


With these tips, you can expect to have a warm, cozy winter with your family and friends!