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5 Ways to Personalize Your New Home

Categories: Home Design, Lifestyle | Posted: April 30, 2017

You’ve just moved into your brand new house; you’ve got all your furniture arranged, dishes in cabinets and clothes in drawers. What’s next? It’s time to make this house a HOME. Add your personal touch that encapsulates the essence of how you and your family like to live. Maybe you are a minimalist with design and lean towards the clean, contemporary look or you’re charmed by the vintage, rustic design with warm colors and smells. Either way you prefer, it’s best to make it personal to you! Checkout these 5 ways to accomplish that in your home.

Bring out the paint brushes

Adding splashes of color in your home is the best way to incorporate your unique personality to your space. Repurpose a thrift store dresser or an old chair that you already have by painting them bright colors that you love. If you’re feeling even more creative, you can paint a toy chest in your child’s playroom with chalk paint. Your kids will love having their own artwork display to doodle on and explore their creativity.

Decorate in a way that tells a story

What other way to personalize your home than to display personal photos of you and your loved ones? Frame pictures from fun trips and fond memories you’ve shared with special people, allowing your guests to learn more about you and your family as they take the home tour. If you’d rather not mark up your walls with nail holes, choose to do a layering technique instead that requires no tools at all. On your mantle, bookshelves or foyer piece, you can stagger different pieces of artwork by leaning them against the wall. For example, showcase your grandmother’s vintage mirror, then place different sized canvas portraits of your family in front of it. This unique collection of your favorite memories and décor adds a personal touch to any space and is easy to switch up when you’re wanting a design change.

Create an entryway that’s inviting

First impressions are everything! Your guests can get a sense of your personality as soon as they walk in the door. Do you love the minimalist design and have a tight entryway? Then mirrors are the way to go. They create the look of more space all while attracting natural light, which can open up any room. Prefer the rustic look? Pick up a gorgeous antique sign or vintage bench and create your own DIY projects to show off your personal style. This creates a warm, welcoming experience for any first-time or revisiting guest.

Customize organization spaces

Organizing your home doesn’t have to be a daunting, boring task! Incorporate a more humanistic approach to your organization methods. Fuse some shelves into your laundry room, throw some baskets or containers into the mix for your pantry, or even add drawers and extra racks into your closet. Limited on pantry space? Consider designing with open shelving. You can customize yours by placing labeled jars, crates, or vintage china to show off your style. Not only does this make it easier for a guest to navigate through your home, but it also adds more charm around the house.

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, create your own station by finding a functional piece of furniture and stock up on your favorite coffee, creamers, and drizzles. Dress it up with a fun sign to label the station and add hooks for your coffee cups!

Fill your home with scents you love

This is an easy one! Find your favorite scented candles, oils, or plugins and start placing them around your new home. This creates a relaxing mood and makes your home smell amazing! Try to limit the scents to just one or two in your home at a time so the smells do not become overwhelming. Place candles inside fun holders like lanterns, hanging jars or create your own. For example, wrap a glass candle holder with burlap and lace or if you have your own herb garden, tie greenery around the base of your candle for a simplistic look. It will add to your home’s design and it could easily be a fun project for the family to work on together!

What type of builder should I choose?

Categories: FAQs | Posted: April 21, 2017

More than a specific “type” of builder, you’re looking for the builder that is the right “fit” for you and your family. What are you looking for?  There are really three main options depending on your particular situation.

First, if you don’t have property and don’t want the stress of having to think about the whole build process and all the options available, then a builder who offers pre-built land/home packages is your top of the list option. Here you can walk through and choose a home that’s available and ready to move-in.

Second, if you don’t have property and you want to live in a subdivision, but would like the option to choose your own selections, then working with a builder that offers what’s called a “Pick Your Lot, Pick Your Plan” home is what you’re looking for. This builder will provide different land/home packages to choose from, you’ll be able to customize some areas, then you’ll purchase the home and property together upon completion. In this option, you’ll have that custom feel you desire without the hassle of finding and purchasing your own property.

Finally, if you do have property or are looking land to purchase, then finding a plan you can fall in love with and customize to build into the home of your dreams with a builder who can understand your lifestyle . . . well, that’s the way you want to go.

But even more than all of that, finding a builder who has processes in place for customizing your home, for getting permits, for helping you choose all your interior and exterior selections, who already understands how to fulfill and pass inspections . . . find someone who isn’t riding their first rodeo. It’s about finding a builder you can trust! No one wants to be the first patient a doctor operates on, right?