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Tried-and-True Paint Colors

Categories: Home Design | Posted: October 15, 2018

One of the most common questions I hear from homeowners during selections is “How do I choose a neutral paint color that looks good with anything?”

The majority of homeowners simply want a neutral color palette that will complement their personal style.  So why is this so difficult?

Answer:  Color choices are endless and can be overwhelming for most people. However, there are a handful of colors that work well with just about anything, due to their undertones.
With the gray trend we are seeing right now, colors are a little more on the “cooler” side.  So how do you transition to the warmth that fall brings while staying on trend?

Answer:  By selecting great neutrals that have staying power and will last from season to season.  This can be difficult to do when your options are endless.

So I compiled a list of some of my favorite “no-fail” Sherwin Williams paint colors that you really can’t go wrong with.  Whether you want a crisp white palette, cool gray space or warmer beige feel… the versatility of these tried-and-true colors will compliment any style.

Favorite Main Color:

(These colors look great for walls, cabinets or as an accent color)

SW 0055 Light French Gray






SW 7015 Repose Gray






SW 7016 Mindful Gray






SW 7018 Dovetail






SW 7023 Requisite Gray






SW 7029 Agreeable Gray






SW 7036 Accessible Beige






SW 7064 Passive






SW 7043 Worldly Gray






SW 7650 Ellie Gray






SW 7642 Pavestone






SW 6204 Sea Salt






SW 6206 Oyster Bay






SW 6218 Tradewind






Favorite Whites:

(Typically used on Trim, Ceilings and/or Cabinets)

SW 7004 Snowbound






SW 7005 Pure White






SW 7008 Alabaster






Favorite Dark Accent Colors:

(Love these bold colors when used on a front door, cabinetry or even as an accent wall)

SW 6244 Naval






SW 7674 Peppercorn






SW 7019 Gauntlet Gray






SW 7048 Urbane Bronze






SW 7069 Iron Ore






SW 6258 Tricorn Black






SW 7592 Crabby Apple






SW 6034 Arresting Auburn






To see some of our favorite color combos used in past homeowners’ spaces, check out our Paint Color Tour video here.



-Written by our Design Coordinator, Kristin Tucker

“I absolutely love helping each homeowner translate their personal style into the home of their dreams.  I believe that details are an important factor in making your house a home.  One of my favorite ways to showcase this is by incorporating beautiful lighting that suits the style of the home and personality of the homeowner.”