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Staying Healthy in Times of Uncertainty

March 18, 2020

In difficult times south Louisiana will stand strong! We have continually faced times of uncertainty here in our area and weathered the storms together. At MB, we want to help you not only navigate this time well but also keep yourself healthy and positive. We will get through this season and be stronger as a result.    

Nurture Positive Thoughts and Conversation

Especially in times of uncertainty, it is so important that we keep our minds fixed on truth and the reality that God is in control. Realizing what we can and can’t control and focusing on what we can is highly beneficial and necessary. The only thing we can control is ourselves and that includes our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Attempting to control the uncontrollable brings on stress and anxiety. I cannot control whether or not I or any of my family members get the Virus but I can take precautions of washing hands, staying away from distant travel, avoiding large gatherings, etc. and fixing my mind on truth and gratitude for what is good in my life! I cannot control the market, other people or school closures, but I can control what I watch, what I talk about, how I act and use my influence for good.  I cannot lead others to calmness if I am not grounded in it. All the fear going around is contagious and this fear is stimulating massive buying, making rash decisions, stepping way beyond wisdom and caution into a frenzy.

Practice Gratitude

Worry and anxiety cause us to leave reality and step into a negative fantasy world that does not exist. This will drain our emotional battery, leaving it vulnerable and weak to handle life’s challenges during the times when we will need emotional strength. We would be wise to use the antidote to worry which is the practice of gratitude whenever we feel worry or anxiety coming. Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for and keep that journal handy always. We want to be wise in the coming days and use caution but not be acting out of fear and anxiety.  

Stay Connected . . . to Real People

Stay connected. Technology can be a great asset in these times when we are unable to gather as much. Virtual face-to-face time with friends and family on zoom, social media or the phone are great connection tools.  

Limit your intake of 24-hour news channels, websites, and other sources of media that perpetuate constant doom and gloom. 

Take Advantage of the Time

Take advantage of the extra time you have if you are at home. Extra time at home can be used reading books, listening to podcasts, playing games with kids, doing crafts, cooking and eating meals together and talking with family and friends online. Watch a comedy together. Laughter is good for the soul. Parents and family time can be increased and be used to bond more.   

Make Room for Physical Activity

Staying physically active is also an important aspect of physical and emotional health and well-being. We may not be going to the gym, but we can all get out and walk, do calisthenics or a program on our smartphone. Creative outdoor activities and games are not only fun but also get our bodies moving which gets our feel-good hormones pumping. 

Begin/End Each Day with a New Ritual

Our sense of autonomy, connection, and productivity is important to keep intact.   Being home and limiting social contact can be a challenge. We recommend maintaining a routine but not one with too strict of a structure. An easy way would be to create an am/pm ritual.  Start and close every day with a positive acknowledgment of something you have accomplished, learned or a positive affirmation like a scripture verse or inspiring quote. Fixing our minds on positive things will keep our emotions high and our behaviors moving in the right direction.  

Remember the Mountains Already Conquered

Look to the past.  We can all draw hope from our past resilience. Many of us have endured other unforeseen major life disruptions like 9/11, the 2008 downturn, the oil field recession, and so many major hurricanes. While these times may have been difficult, we always come away stronger.  

Even in times such as these we can keep our spirits lifted, continue praying, and trust that things will work out.  We can reduce stress and create happiness by spending more time together and making great memories to look back on! We will get through this together and be better as a result if we are intentional in the above areas!  Be strong and courageous.  

"Do not be afraid or discouraged for God is with us wherever we go."  Joshua 1:9



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