Build on Your Land Holiday Special!

As part of our Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration, we're offering
holiday special pricing on some of our favorite plans! 

Manuel Builders offers custom homebuilding on your own land and we've worked tirelessly for over
55 years to provide attractive, well-designed homes for our friends and neighborhoods throughout
Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and the surrounding areas. Can we do the same for you?

 Click on each plan name to see home details!

             Plan                              Original Price                      Holiday
Camellia Bayou  $170,109 $1000
Camellia Farmhouse   $196,662  $1000 
Camellia French  $177,109  $1000 
Camellia Heritage   $197,067  $1000 
Camellia Lodge   $191,638  $1000 
Camellia Simplicity   $160,084  $1000 
Charlotte Farmhouse   $271,790  $2500 
David Farmhouse   $182,503 $1000
David French   $178,875   $1000 
David Simplicity  $158,347 $1000
Delhomme Legacy  $235,715  $1250
Lafitte Legacy  $352,180  $7000
Montgomery Heritage  $226,152  $1250


*Holiday special pricing is applicable on all purchase agreements signed
between November 15, 2019 - December 15, 2019, on the build on your land plans above.